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Games Suggestions is the best games suggestions and recommendations engine. You can either use our super smart search system with multiple filters (genre, platform and release date), use most popular searches menu, use quick suggestions or go to our Games directory.

Our database has over 12 000 games and it is growing. You can expand it too via our contribution page. Our database is connected to search system that will give you only the best suggestions for games that you have played before. And it will explain why the suggestion was given to you and show the percentage of similarity.

Games Suggestions search system uses several simple but efficient algorithms. Must play games are highlighted in the search. We think that human made games suggestions are going to become less efficient (as more and more games are coming out) and are trying to improve out search system. However, we have news section, which cover similar games for upcoming titles (or popular titles).

It is certain that our website will help you find similar games. Just type the games that you like, played before or just heard anywhere and hit Search button.